Case Study: A Six Figure Property Management Marketing Deal in 30 Days

When we started working with Abraham Shaw, he hadn’t gotten so much as a decent lead from Online Marketing in over a year. He got his first 6-figure deal ever in just 30 days after working with us. Here’s how we did it.

Abraham Shaw is an active property manager working in Tallahassee, Florida. When he came to us, he was looking for someone to help him manage his online marketing efforts. He’d had a full year of trial and error, but hadn’t gotten so much as a single decent lead from the internet yet. Frustrated, he asked if we could help.

Within 30 days, Abraham had landed his first 6-figure property management deal ever, with an 80-unit multi-family apartment complex purchased by an investor who was generated entirely from online. How did we do it?
We utilized two major strategies to help Abraham: reorganizing his existing campaigns in order to lower his leads costs and Conversion Optimization to generate more leads within the same budget.

“I made my first 6-figure sale from Adwords just one month after I started working with Dan…and this was after a full year of nothing.” – Abraham Shaw

Campaign Organization has a lot to do with how successful your online efforts can be. The same marketing pitch will perform very differently depending on who it’s put in front of, or how well it’s targeted to its audience.

When we first started working with Abraham, his marketing campaigns were targeted quite broad – putting his company’s name in front of lots and lots of unqualified leads. This, in turn, was driving up his lead costs and causing his budget to run out.

To avoid this problem, we used our in-house campaigns and data to reboot his online marketing. Very quickly we were able to cut out the unqualified leads Abraham was approaching, driving his number of leads up and his cost per lead down. This also increased Abraham’s Reputation very quickly in the eyes of the big internet companies like Google and Microsoft, meaning that he could get more leads without raising his budget at all.

Conversion Optimization is all about getting more of the people on your website to fill out your lead form or call you. We worked with Abraham to pick the right messaging, layout, and process flow on his website, driving his conversion rates up – and making sure he got more leads than ever before.

It was these changes that helped Abraham generate his first 6-figure deal with Online Marketing.

It was these changes that helped Abraham generate his first 6-figure deal with Online Marketing.