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Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I take my property management company to the next level?”
  • “How the heck can I make sense of this whole internet thing and make money from it?”
  • “How can I generate more high quality leads & stop relying on referrals?”
  • “How can I find time to do work on the business and not in the business?”
  • “What systems do I need in place?”
  • “Or, how do I position to sell my company…”
  • “How do I compete in such a competitive market?”
  • “Or, if you’re trying to recover after having a bad experience with another agency”
  • “Or, if you want to generate more profit…”

If you’ve struggled with any of the above, or just need help getting started, you’re in the RIGHT place!

Growing a property management company is very difficult, because there is so much competition for clients and talent. You’re frustrated and unclear what to do next. The founders of PM Marketer have decades of experience working at Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, and have even been invited as experts to help design the architecture of the internet — so it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about the online world. We’ve also spent years working for the #1 largest asset manager and investor in the world, are real estate investors ourselves, and have worked with property managers to manage our own investment portfolio.

We’ve leveraged decades of experience to develop a framework to grow, scale, and eventually sell your property management business. Today many dozens of property managers in 6 countries have used it to do the same.

“We believe having the right system is the difference between your property management company growing versus struggling, and that is why we show property managers how to systemize their property management company in order to scale and grow profits.”

You can dig through countless books, blogs, or videos, and waste a ton of time, or you can get our weekly PM Marketing Insights (it’s free) and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from successful property management owners, industry decision makers, and of course, me. And the best part? I’ll cut through the BS, showing you exactly what works and what doesn’t so you can legally steal our insights and strategies.

Our Mission: To educate and systematize property management companies to scale their business to over 7 or 8 figures.

Our goal of developing this site, is to provide valuable advice that provides immediate actionable steps you can take right now to make a difference in your business. Our passion and drive is to be the #1 resource for property management owners!

How PM Marketer Can Help You Grow Your Property Management Business

We help Property Managers get more leads and clients using our proprietary digital marketing strategies. How do we do it? We use Big Data Analysis, advanced analytics, and more to make sure we’re the most advanced and innovative agency working with property managers today. Since we only work with Property Managers, we bring a level of focus to the industry that’s unparalleled.

Everything we learn while working with our clients, we apply to each new campaign we run – meaning we get better at a rate that other agencies can’t begin to equal.

“I’m definitely writing you guys a testimonial – your $40 lead has generated just over $7,000 so far!”

Fun fact: We play as hard as we work. We are a team of avid off-roaders, sailors of the high seas, race car drivers, IronMan competitors, and we’ve been known to crash a remote-control plane now and again.

We’re a small, dedicated team – and we’re here to make sure that every interaction you have with PM Marketer is an enjoyable one.

Seriously – we form deep, lasting relationships with each of our clients. We love having a fun, light-hearted workplace, and we bring that attitude to everything we do. We actually want you to enjoy hearing from us – and when was the last time you felt that about your marketing company?